Saturday, February 4, 2012

past NOTD Essie Braziliant

hey polish lovers!
I am so so glad it is the weekend! I am really looking forward to just chilling out and not hafting to worry about anything.
On to the polish!
A few weeks/days ago, I was at a fellow polish lover/ friend's house so of course I helped myself and did my nails with one of the beauties she had, Essie Braziliant :P
Braziliant was part of the Essie 2011 summer collection

Braziliant is a beautiful "hot orange with a touch of shimmer" (as described on their website)
direct sunlight

It is definitely a cheerful and vibrant orange! When the light hits it in just the right place, you can see the fuchsia/pink micro glitter. In this picture you can start to see the micro glitter, but its full excellence does not want to be captured on camera.

The application was excellent. Very quick dry time. 2 coats no top coat.
I had so much FUN wearing this color and it really cheered me up.

partial sunlight

This picture is more try to color. I took this the next day and you can see some obvious tip wear, which is my fault as I did not use a top coat. 

I have nothing like this polish in my collection and will look for it the next time I got to CVS or Walgreens.

What your favorite "cheer me up" color?
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