Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

hey lovelies! :P
I hope you all enjoyed the days coming up to and after christmas ( and hanukah and kwanza as well)
i certainly have!!!!
very sorry...i can't find batteries that will work with my camera, so i have been lax about pictures
AND i actually can't find my camera (at the moment) so we only have a few pics

here is a preview of what to come when find my camera...
kudos to anyone who can guess what it is

this is what is (as of now) on my nails

and a special polish i got for christmas.....
a gorgeous flakie top coat 

here are some pretty pictures i took while on a walk on the beach <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

quick NOTD

heres something that i forgot to post this week...
Bogota Blackberry by OPI with black tips

i got Bogota Blackberry at a yard sale a long time ago, never really used it till recently
now i really like it!!
a great holiday polish

very pretty!!
application was excellent, of course...its OPI :)

Im loving the subtle shimmer
hopefully you will take the time to click on the pic and get a better look

what do you think?
i have some more posts I'm planning with this beauty

New Haul from Walgreens!!! Yay

**warning this post is picture heavy**

YAY last night i visited Walgreens and..... NEW HAUL!!
previously my go to store for nail polish had been CVS (blah) but i had always been curious if Walgreens had any other brands..turns out...they DID!!!! they had sinful colors!!
I also did some holiday shopping at evilbay....
can't wait for that nail mail to arrive ;)

It turns out the most of the SC polishes I purchased are from the 2009 fall collection
all of them were great deals for only 1.99 (0.0) is the first glitter
a very holiday-y glitter

here is Sinful Colors "Call You Later" a clear based green glitter with small flecks of both green AND gold plus larger green hexagons

"finally a holiday glitter"

1 coat

2 coats

3 coats

notice how awesome unique different this polish looks in the shade

and finally=
lol it goes off the page (sorry bout that ;)

this polish.......
lacks words it is so awesomely hot and amazing
plus its an amazingly festive color (christmas lights/party/tree/ presents!!!!)

I mean seriously, a green glitter with gold flecks... already I'm hooked

**thank you polish gods for leading me to this polish, I am eternally grateful**

what do you guys think?

-Katy <3

N.Y.C. Purple Pizzazz Frost

quick post
today we have N.Y.C. (new york color) "Purple Pizzazz Frost"
opaque in 2 coats but here is 3

this polish has its dark blue moments and its purple moments (as shown above)
i guess it is kinda frosty

I actually don't really like it.... its a little boring and not a complementary purple tone for my skin
-Katy <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the perfect jade

this polish is unlike any of my other polishes
its called Jenson Jade Beach and by a brand called nail polish
i doubt i paid more than $5 for this but i can't be sure...

Jenson Jade Beach is a sheer shimmer jade
usually very subtle, except when its brilliant sparkle gets caught in the sun

3 coats
(please ignore the weird bump on my brushed on in the polish) 


Monday, December 12, 2011

Copy That, Copy Cat is having a giveaway!!!!!

OMGOMGOMG!!! if you havent checked out copy that copy cat's blog you have to!!!!!
she is amazing with her nail art!!!!
and of course, she is having an awesome giveaway.....what more can you ask?!!
please go to her blog at

Marine Scene

hi all
sorry this post came a little late
here we have 3 coats of Sally Hansen hard as nails extreme wear "Marine Scene"
it was pretty opaque with 2 but...3 is what i did
its on the sheer side yet slightly gloopy
hopefully you can see the shimmer strands !!!!

here I actually did one coat of Lime Lights over Marine Scene
doesn't make much of a difference except for giving it a greenish tint

after that i did some nail art 

as i type, my computer has 3% battery left
thanks for watching!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lime lights over black :)

after a very tiring and busy week and a half......
Im back!!

i had so much fun this morning swatching and taking pics!!!
i have some great polishes lines up
starting with......."Lime Lights", a Sally Hansen; hard as nails: Xtreme Wear 
lol thats a long name
very sorry but i did this last night and the lighting is a bit off
and the whole thing is a bit messy anyway.....

2 coats black (aka Professional Nail Lacquer's "Little Black Dress)

 here on the thumb is 3 coats of  lime lights

then, out course, 1 coat of lime lights over black

here it is the next day ;)

here you can see its blue-ish qualities

Lime Light is a sheer green/blue/turquoise shimmer
by itself, it has  a pearly finish ver similar to its sister "Marine Scene" (which i'll show you tomorrow)
I'm sure that if i took the time to do the 6 coats it would need to be opaque, it would be very pretty
but layering is nicer for me ;)
you know when a color is either turquoise or dark green? well this mani flashes in between
it also has a ocean-y feel

i think you have to be in the right mood to wear this combo.....
before, i have tried this over purple for a very nice affect and a more easily wearable color
thanks for watching!
-Katy <3

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm playing catch up ;)

here are the manis that I've done but haunt loaded

this is 3 coats of boundless color "bronze beauty"
reminds me of wet sand :P

here is a cool mani i did...
it has different metal-like colors ( gold silver bronze berry)
slight ombre ness
with a matte finish
over the matte, i did flowers using my dotting tools 
no top coat 
i love how the glossy flowers pop out against the matte

this is 4 coats OPI Alpine Snow 

  i matted my accent finger and added multi colored blue dots :)
no top coat

whats you fave of the three?
what do you guys think?????
should i do more catch-up pages ? or do you prefer a specific post?
i love comments ;)

hey everyone

hey all ( or just lucy)
sorry for the lack of posting ( again)
i hope i will get back to it soon
i have the usually excuses issues too much going on homework

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

**guest post** starring...... LUCY !!!

**im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(x1000) excited!!!
my bestie lucy decided to do a guest post here!!!
she currently doesn't have a blog but I'm hopping she'l make one soon

HI GUYS  IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  it is really awesome to be on katy's super blog.YAYAY.
 Here we have an OPI, big hair big nails. It has a kind of jelly finish and it is part of the Texas collection. 

 Then, I added white flowers that complement the color, making it a very tropical effect. I used katy's wonderful supply of dotting tools and her nail art pens for the center of the flowers.

Hope you Like!!!!!! 

** wonderful job Lucy!!! I think we all agree that she is supremely talented ;) 
hopefully we can do more guest posts in the future!

the green grasshopper hops gaily in the grass

like the title? i do ;) yesterday someone said this color reminded them of a grasshopper
not sure if i agree, but its a fun way to think about it :P

 today i have a Revlon scented polish, "Beach"
this polish does not remind me at all of the beach
and I've been to the beach a whole lot
here are the pics :
4 coats "beach"
one coat SV

Beach is a green-yellow with minimini sparkles that light up in the sun
unfortunately there isn't a sun in the sky at the moment :(
application was would have been perfect, in not for the SHEERNESS
as i said this is around 4-5 coats
unto the smell.....
it does smell slightly beach-ish but a little too on the sickly sweet side for me

i did a konad on my nails and kinda epically failed

for that i used a special konad polish that appeared royal blue but on the nail you can it looks turquoise 
after that i decided to spice it up even more and add some random nail art

i don't know about you, but this deffinelty reminds me of a green grasshopper hopping gaily through the grass ( without the grasshopper hopping part) lol

happy thanksgiving ( in advance)!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tazmanian Devil layering part 2

here is part 2 of 2 of Tazmanian Devil's layering series :P

first i put on 3 coats of
Turquoise and Caicos by Essie
is very sheer
a very pretty light blue
its pretty close in color to the pics cept for a hint of green

 then with our favorite Tazmanian Devil ;)

very pretty and out there !! love love love it

i wanted to see what it looked like over white 
sorry i couldn't get it to focus 
but again a beautiful and very cheerful combo 
 what did you guys think about the series idea?