Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the green grasshopper hops gaily in the grass

like the title? i do ;) yesterday someone said this color reminded them of a grasshopper
not sure if i agree, but its a fun way to think about it :P

 today i have a Revlon scented polish, "Beach"
this polish does not remind me at all of the beach
and I've been to the beach a whole lot
here are the pics :
4 coats "beach"
one coat SV

Beach is a green-yellow with minimini sparkles that light up in the sun
unfortunately there isn't a sun in the sky at the moment :(
application was would have been perfect, in not for the SHEERNESS
as i said this is around 4-5 coats
unto the smell.....
it does smell slightly beach-ish but a little too on the sickly sweet side for me

i did a konad on my nails and kinda epically failed

for that i used a special konad polish that appeared royal blue but on the nail you can it looks turquoise 
after that i decided to spice it up even more and add some random nail art

i don't know about you, but this deffinelty reminds me of a green grasshopper hopping gaily through the grass ( without the grasshopper hopping part) lol

happy thanksgiving ( in advance)!!!

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