Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tazmanian Devil layering part 1

**trumpets sound** 
today we have part 1 of 2 of layering series featuring our one and only 
the....TAZMANIAN DEVIL!!!! }:)

lol anyway this is a layering combo made in heaven!!!!!

Tazmanian Devil is by Confetti ( i got it for 1.99 at CVS)
Lollipop is an Orly mini ( 3$ at a  beauty supply store)

Tazmanian Devil  i did 2 ish coats of this depending how many hexagons i got and how it looked
is a clear based glitter with 
medium sized hexagons of the colors blue green yellow orange pink/rose/red silver
mini hexagons in those same colors 
some very fine silver glitter as a base 

Lollipop  (2 coats)
pretty opaque in 2 
a light pastel like purple 
kinda reminds me of white out 
to wear this color plain you have to be in the right mood whereas with something over it its much nicer ;)

 Tazmanian Devil or Lollipop

I took soooooooo many pics trying to focus on the glitters!!!!! 
please click on the pics for a better view ;)
overall application was great for booth ;)

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