Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm playing catch up ;)

here are the manis that I've done but haunt loaded

this is 3 coats of boundless color "bronze beauty"
reminds me of wet sand :P

here is a cool mani i did...
it has different metal-like colors ( gold silver bronze berry)
slight ombre ness
with a matte finish
over the matte, i did flowers using my dotting tools 
no top coat 
i love how the glossy flowers pop out against the matte

this is 4 coats OPI Alpine Snow 

  i matted my accent finger and added multi colored blue dots :)
no top coat

whats you fave of the three?
what do you guys think?????
should i do more catch-up pages ? or do you prefer a specific post?
i love comments ;)

hey everyone

hey all ( or just lucy)
sorry for the lack of posting ( again)
i hope i will get back to it soon
i have the usually excuses .....life issues too much going on homework

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

**guest post** starring...... LUCY !!!

**im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(x1000) excited!!!
my bestie lucy decided to do a guest post here!!!
she currently doesn't have a blog but I'm hopping she'l make one soon

HI GUYS  IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  it is really awesome to be on katy's super blog.YAYAY.
 Here we have an OPI, big hair big nails. It has a kind of jelly finish and it is part of the Texas collection. 

 Then, I added white flowers that complement the color, making it a very tropical effect. I used katy's wonderful supply of dotting tools and her nail art pens for the center of the flowers.

Hope you Like!!!!!! 

** wonderful job Lucy!!! I think we all agree that she is supremely talented ;) 
hopefully we can do more guest posts in the future!

the green grasshopper hops gaily in the grass

like the title? i do ;) yesterday someone said this color reminded them of a grasshopper
not sure if i agree, but its a fun way to think about it :P

 today i have a Revlon scented polish, "Beach"
this polish does not remind me at all of the beach
and I've been to the beach a whole lot
here are the pics :
4 coats "beach"
one coat SV

Beach is a green-yellow with minimini sparkles that light up in the sun
unfortunately there isn't a sun in the sky at the moment :(
application was would have been perfect, in not for the SHEERNESS
as i said this is around 4-5 coats
unto the smell.....
it does smell slightly beach-ish but a little too on the sickly sweet side for me

i did a konad on my nails and kinda epically failed

for that i used a special konad polish that appeared royal blue but on the nail you can it looks turquoise 
after that i decided to spice it up even more and add some random nail art

i don't know about you, but this deffinelty reminds me of a green grasshopper hopping gaily through the grass ( without the grasshopper hopping part) lol

happy thanksgiving ( in advance)!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tazmanian Devil layering part 2

here is part 2 of 2 of Tazmanian Devil's layering series :P

first i put on 3 coats of
Turquoise and Caicos by Essie
is very sheer
a very pretty light blue
its pretty close in color to the pics cept for a hint of green

 then with our favorite Tazmanian Devil ;)

very pretty and out there !! love love love it

i wanted to see what it looked like over white 
sorry i couldn't get it to focus 
but again a beautiful and very cheerful combo 
 what did you guys think about the series idea?

Tazmanian Devil layering part 1

**trumpets sound** 
today we have part 1 of 2 of layering series featuring our one and only 
the....TAZMANIAN DEVIL!!!! }:)

lol anyway this is a layering combo made in heaven!!!!!

Tazmanian Devil is by Confetti ( i got it for 1.99 at CVS)
Lollipop is an Orly mini ( 3$ at a  beauty supply store)

Tazmanian Devil  i did 2 ish coats of this depending how many hexagons i got and how it looked
is a clear based glitter with 
medium sized hexagons of the colors blue green yellow orange pink/rose/red silver
mini hexagons in those same colors 
some very fine silver glitter as a base 

Lollipop  (2 coats)
pretty opaque in 2 
a light pastel like purple 
kinda reminds me of white out 
to wear this color plain you have to be in the right mood whereas with something over it its much nicer ;)

 Tazmanian Devil or Lollipop

I took soooooooo many pics trying to focus on the glitters!!!!! 
please click on the pics for a better view ;)
overall application was great for booth ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

nailed to the T 300 follower giveaway

be sure to check out nailed to the t's nail polish blog!!
at http://nailedtothet.blogspot.com !! great swatches and reviews ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Revlon Metalic, copper penny

hey all!
i had a major nail disaster and a select few of my nails are reduced to stubs ;(
i guess ill just have to wait to grow them out again...
anyway, today we have one of my fav colors, a Revlon Metalic named Copper Penny
i tots love this color because it doesn't seem like a solid color..
it looks to me like it is entirely made up of there copper and silver flecks ( more copper than silver)
lets see if my camera was able to capture those ...

blurred shot just for fun!!!

sorry i don't have it in normal light ;(

ok so application was AMAZING i swear it was opaque in 1 coat but this is two just to smooth it out.
its a really nice warm color but also works as a metal-y finish 
thanks for watching ;)

orly mini naughty

since i was again in the mood for a deep plum, i reached for one of my orly minis, naughty.
originally i thought that naughty and downtown brown where exactly the same color...
turns out that after 4 coats there pretty different.
unfortunatly i have different lighting so its harder to compare.
anyway this was 4 coats of orly mini, naughty:

here is essie downtown brown in the same lighting
and naughty for the last time

anyway very different colors come the 4th coat ;)
naughty is definitely darker and downtown brown has a more purpley feel ;)
i love downtown brown the best 
 naughty had a great formula except for the sheerness
thanks for watching!