Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm playing catch up ;)

here are the manis that I've done but haunt loaded

this is 3 coats of boundless color "bronze beauty"
reminds me of wet sand :P

here is a cool mani i did...
it has different metal-like colors ( gold silver bronze berry)
slight ombre ness
with a matte finish
over the matte, i did flowers using my dotting tools 
no top coat 
i love how the glossy flowers pop out against the matte

this is 4 coats OPI Alpine Snow 

  i matted my accent finger and added multi colored blue dots :)
no top coat

whats you fave of the three?
what do you guys think?????
should i do more catch-up pages ? or do you prefer a specific post?
i love comments ;)


  1. I like the alpine snow with the dots! i especially love how you only did one finger with dots!! I love comments too!!!

  2. It is really nice when you do outside pictures. Those turn out the best.