Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lime lights over black :)

after a very tiring and busy week and a half......
Im back!!

i had so much fun this morning swatching and taking pics!!!
i have some great polishes lines up
starting with......."Lime Lights", a Sally Hansen; hard as nails: Xtreme Wear 
lol thats a long name
very sorry but i did this last night and the lighting is a bit off
and the whole thing is a bit messy anyway.....

2 coats black (aka Professional Nail Lacquer's "Little Black Dress)

 here on the thumb is 3 coats of  lime lights

then, out course, 1 coat of lime lights over black

here it is the next day ;)

here you can see its blue-ish qualities

Lime Light is a sheer green/blue/turquoise shimmer
by itself, it has  a pearly finish ver similar to its sister "Marine Scene" (which i'll show you tomorrow)
I'm sure that if i took the time to do the 6 coats it would need to be opaque, it would be very pretty
but layering is nicer for me ;)
you know when a color is either turquoise or dark green? well this mani flashes in between
it also has a ocean-y feel

i think you have to be in the right mood to wear this combo.....
before, i have tried this over purple for a very nice affect and a more easily wearable color
thanks for watching!
-Katy <3

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