Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Haul from Walgreens!!! Yay

**warning this post is picture heavy**

YAY last night i visited Walgreens and..... NEW HAUL!!
previously my go to store for nail polish had been CVS (blah) but i had always been curious if Walgreens had any other brands..turns out...they DID!!!! they had sinful colors!!
I also did some holiday shopping at evilbay....
can't wait for that nail mail to arrive ;)

It turns out the most of the SC polishes I purchased are from the 2009 fall collection
all of them were great deals for only 1.99 (0.0) is the first glitter
a very holiday-y glitter

here is Sinful Colors "Call You Later" a clear based green glitter with small flecks of both green AND gold plus larger green hexagons

"finally a holiday glitter"

1 coat

2 coats

3 coats

notice how awesome unique different this polish looks in the shade

and finally=
lol it goes off the page (sorry bout that ;)

this polish.......
lacks words it is so awesomely hot and amazing
plus its an amazingly festive color (christmas lights/party/tree/ presents!!!!)

I mean seriously, a green glitter with gold flecks... already I'm hooked

**thank you polish gods for leading me to this polish, I am eternally grateful**

what do you guys think?

-Katy <3

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