Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Look!

Hey everyone!!!
I want to start out my welcoming my new followers! I would love to know how you guys heard of my little blog ;)
As I hope you have noticed, I recently made some format and design changes to my blog, including updating my gallery (you can check that out here of click on the tab next to home), and changing some pictures in the design. What do you guys think?!! I love the new design way better than the old!
Also, I hope I didn't freak everyone out with my last post, lol. I definitely won't be doing many posts in Spanish...
In the last post, I showed you guys this awesome franken i made the other week. Pretty EPIC right?!! Recently in the polish world I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air and its dupe Revlon Whimsical... I love both those polishes!!! I just wished Deborah hadn't stolen the perfect name...

As usual, i <3 comments!!
thanks for watching.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

are you guys in for a surprise :)

Hola queridas! Hoy vamos a ver una polish "franken" muy preciosia.
Es una de mis favoritas.
pero ahora, no tiene nombre...
pues, aquí hay mi polish

(perdón pero mis títulos son en inglés)
partial/early morning sunlight
close up of the glitter awesomeness!
Es maravilloso, ¿No? 
application fue excelente pero el "glitter" no quería ir en mi uña
Yo lo hice esto con parto de mi "tazmanian devil" y con unos azules diferentes.
Katy <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wet n Wild Undercover/Espionne

Happy Friday!
Today we have wet n wild's Undercover/Espionne ( espionne is the french word)

great formula- 2 coats
no top coat- it dried to a glossy finish
I found this at Walgreens for $1.99

and here is my famous cat, Rio

Sunday, January 15, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance

hi everyone!...
3 posts in one day lol
Well today I'm showing you guys the beauty that is OPI DS extravagance.....sooo beautiful
the formula was excellent! here is two coats, but one coat makes it a lighter purple...
it dried fast too! so smooth no need for top coat! TOTALLY worth $12.50

well lets just let the pics do the talking.....

(O.O) sooo pretty

New Haul!!!

Yesterday I stopped by Ross and Beauty Supply Store....check out mis goodies!!

Color Club Back to Boho Collection

2 Cosmetic ARTS polishes

2 OPI DS polishes

all together

YAY I'm totally excited!! ESPECIALLY the OPI DS polishes! My first holo's :)

what do you guys want to see first?.....or maybe second, cuz i know what I'm doing first! ;)

funky french!! blue and black

hey all!
today we have a great funky french. I was looking for something to do with my 2 day old blue franken mani, so i decided to add some tips, to hide the chipping. Something simple, using tape. I have see this style on many other blogs and wanted to try it myself!

pretty pretty!!
the matte definitely gives it a more subtle look while the glossy is more sharp.
do you guys want me to do more nail art? which is your favorite, glossy or matte?

<2 Katy

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NOTD some pizzaz!! flakie style

short post today

hey all..so i decided to flakie up my current mani......
love the effect of essies shine of the times

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Estee Lauder's "Rose Apricot"

Hi all!!!
I tots LOVE the polish i have for you guys today! Although it is much more of a summer color, the weather here in California has me thinking its summer already...(if only ;)

well..lets let the pics speak for themselves

as you can see, this beautiful polish has a coral/lobster colored base with tiny tiny silver sparkles that flash prettily in the sun! great application, this was two coats with SV on top...

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Franken!!!**that I have shown you guys**

Hi all!!
Hope everyone survived Monday lol
Today Im showing you one of my first frankens!!( its franken monday!!) I still have no idea what to name, it reminds me a bit like something peacocky but if I named a polish "peacock" i would have wanted the polish to be a multi colored metallic color, like the middle of a peacock feather....get what I'm saying?

anyway this is a beautifully unusual blue colored creme nail polish that i made using
**roughly** not sure what the exact measurements were
-some Boundless Color "white night"
-some SH "Co-Bolt Blue"
- few drops of a random green

together they make.......
*trumpets sound*

here is an up close pic of my favorite peacock earring!!
so you can see the color difference...When you compare the polish and the feather, they don't completely match, so peacock might not be the best name for this polish..ohh well
but i still love peacock feathers!!!!!

 application wise, it was AWESOME!!! tiniest bit thick, but that made it a ONE COATER!!
i definitely would have done two coats though, just to fully smooth it out, even though it wouldn't have needed it...except i didn't make a lot of this, and wanted to cherish every drop ;) If I were the god of the universe, and i could control every element of this polish, I would have made the formula a bit thinner, an easy 2 coater. But of course, I am not, so i might try to add some of my thinner whites, then some more blue to try to keep that color...
what do  you guys think?!

i love comments! also would love any name suggestions!!

<3 Katy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

polish organization!!

no swatches in this post sorry

one day i was reading some nail polish blog and i came across this lovely idea for color organizing polish
i ordered the swatchsickles off ebay, and did it
it worked perfectly and its a great way to view the colors of your nail polish

here are the pics

the yellow gold group

the white/top coat group

here if you hold a clear coat over another you can see the effect

 the green and light blue group

the dark blue and purple and black group

my favorite
the "chocolate" group

Saturday, January 7, 2012

mint chocolate chip!!

hey lovelies!

this polish today reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream every time i wear it!!!
maybe sometime i'll do a base of this and sprinkle brown sparkles on it

here we have OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
i looked up gargantuan and it means enormous

this was a 3+ coater with a slightly streaky formula :( . Not what i would expect from OPI.
A good time to wear this nice color is in the summer or any time when the sun is shining. Otherwise the green isn't as bright or cheerful.

As you can see, I randomly placed a silver hexagon sparkle on all the nails...Unfortunatly the one on my ring finger fell off :(
 I think it adds an extra sparkle

excuse the chipping, this was taken 1 day after i swatched it


Hi all!
To take a break from my usual swatch post i decided to do a post on some earrings I made. These were a special request from my mom. I started out with some supplies I had gotten from Michael's...

and they came out like this!!!!!

I think they are nice but i would have preferred them in an abalone blue...

Giveway at Polished Perfectionist!

AnyGrace over at http://the-polished-perfectionist.blogspot.com/ (the polished perfectionist)
is having a totally awesome giveaway!!!!!!
and i mean totally awesome !!!!!!!
please check it out!!! and while your at it....follow her blog!
she has beautiful nails, great photographs, and a great taste in polishes!!!!
also, great quality work

Friday, January 6, 2012

Orly chantilly peach

hi lovelies!!!
hope everyone is getting the best of their break

today we have one of my fave's 
the subtle, the feminine, the elegant, magnificent ......
Orly Chantilly Peach!!!!

this polish looks a lot like one of their other polishes in the birds of a feather collection

very nice!!!
a very pink/gold color, slightly frosty
this one took 3 coats + for it was very sheer
other wise good formula

then i added some nice snowflake designs with a sparkle

of course Rio had to watch...
-Katy <3

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ZEBRA stripes!!!

hey lovelies!!
today we have a lovely konad manicure....
Zebra Stripes!!!!!!!
usually I'm not for the girly pink and black looks but i think this is kinda cute :)

i used an orly mini sheer pink for the base and stamped with my usual black

Then i added one coat of essie's matte about you

i think it would of looked nice matted or glossy