Monday, January 9, 2012

First Franken!!!**that I have shown you guys**

Hi all!!
Hope everyone survived Monday lol
Today Im showing you one of my first frankens!!( its franken monday!!) I still have no idea what to name, it reminds me a bit like something peacocky but if I named a polish "peacock" i would have wanted the polish to be a multi colored metallic color, like the middle of a peacock feather....get what I'm saying?

anyway this is a beautifully unusual blue colored creme nail polish that i made using
**roughly** not sure what the exact measurements were
-some Boundless Color "white night"
-some SH "Co-Bolt Blue"
- few drops of a random green

together they make.......
*trumpets sound*

here is an up close pic of my favorite peacock earring!!
so you can see the color difference...When you compare the polish and the feather, they don't completely match, so peacock might not be the best name for this polish..ohh well
but i still love peacock feathers!!!!!

 application wise, it was AWESOME!!! tiniest bit thick, but that made it a ONE COATER!!
i definitely would have done two coats though, just to fully smooth it out, even though it wouldn't have needed it...except i didn't make a lot of this, and wanted to cherish every drop ;) If I were the god of the universe, and i could control every element of this polish, I would have made the formula a bit thinner, an easy 2 coater. But of course, I am not, so i might try to add some of my thinner whites, then some more blue to try to keep that color...
what do  you guys think?!

i love comments! also would love any name suggestions!!

<3 Katy

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