Tuesday, November 1, 2011

orly again!!! sheer beauty and winterwonderland

hope everyone had a great halloween!!!
I'm already ready for the winter holidays to begin ;)
today i did ( both orly) sheer beauty ( part of the french manicure collection) and 
winterwonderland ( an mini )
with seche vite on top

here's one coat of sheer beauty
here's three coats of sheer beauty
then i did one coat of winterwonderland
and one coat of SV

i had a hard time capturing the snowflake like crazy sparkle awesomeness 
anyway the application was great except for the sheerness of the sheer beauty ( of course)
the SV on top doesn't look any different but i like the feel of the glass-like finish
next time ill do a different brand.... maybe a blue
anyway check out all the strawberries!!

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