Monday, October 31, 2011

orly minis!!!!! haute red and naughty

doesn't everybody love orly minis?!!!
please excuse my terrible application skills =P
today ( in an effort to be kinda halloweenish ) i did haute red and naughty
first haute red:
one coat
and naughty:          
one coat

 2 coats

overall, the application was excellent ( like most orly minis ;)
before i had never tried haute red and was astonished how much i liked it 
the effect IRL was very blood red ish and
haute red was opaque in 1 coat!!!! i wondered what 2 would look like so i did a second coat and it looked the same
for naughty, i was originally drawn to it becuz i was searching for a cute brown 
it didn't turn out as expected
like most browns it has a distinct red/maroon tint that would take a few coats to override
i probably should have done a few more coats 
oh well
but would still look nice with a shimmer


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