Saturday, November 19, 2011

Revlon Metalic, copper penny

hey all!
i had a major nail disaster and a select few of my nails are reduced to stubs ;(
i guess ill just have to wait to grow them out again...
anyway, today we have one of my fav colors, a Revlon Metalic named Copper Penny
i tots love this color because it doesn't seem like a solid color..
it looks to me like it is entirely made up of there copper and silver flecks ( more copper than silver)
lets see if my camera was able to capture those ...

blurred shot just for fun!!!

sorry i don't have it in normal light ;(

ok so application was AMAZING i swear it was opaque in 1 coat but this is two just to smooth it out.
its a really nice warm color but also works as a metal-y finish 
thanks for watching ;)

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