Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Haul!!! *and preview!*

Last night I stopped by my local Walgreens in hope of finding some nice spring colors!

I got some nice ones....

I was soo excited that I found the new display for L'Oreal Polishes!!!!!They had a buy one get one half off so of course I jumped at the offer ;P
I also found the only remaining Essie's, Go Overboard and Armed and Ready from the new spring collection..
And lasty, I just had to get myself Revlon Royal.....
Revlon Royal, L'Oreal Tweet Me, L'Oreal L'Orange, Essie Go Overboard, Essie Armed and Ready

Look at that beautiful shimmer!!

More micro shimmer!!!

preview of what they look like
(I couldn't resist)
also..plz don't ask why some of my nails are blue...
or why the cleanup is so bad...

What do you guys want to see first?!!!      
YAY! new polishes make me so excited!  :)


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