Saturday, February 11, 2012

Franken Saturday!

Happy Saturday!!! YAY weekend!!!
As you probably know, I am not the best at naming my franken...
I think I have only named one, Cookie Monster, but I haven't even shown you guys (lol)
Anyway, today I have another nameless franken for you guys! 

It has a pink semi sheer (but easily buildable) base and has different colored glitters in it.
I even added a tiny bit of flakies!!
3 coats no topcoat!

Here we have some GIANT pictures so you can see the awesomeness!!! 
direct sunlight

semi shade

weird sunlight
(not sure what happened here)

direct sunlight
I think its a subtle pink with a bit of sparkle! 
A pretty shade for spring.

Any name ideas?


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