Tuesday, February 28, 2012

some ramblings....and a wet n wild polish

 Happy Tuesday! 
As I said in a previous post, my nails have been on a vacation for a while....I managed to snap a pic right before my middle nail broke and I had to clip it down :( For some reason my nails don't like to be long. They communicate by becoming weird and weak at the edges prompting me to cut them before they develop a hang nail. I don't think my nails have EVER been the exact same size....
During the nail vacation, I put on a new coat of Orly Nail Defense every day (I also use that as a basecoat)  
Look how pretty they look!!!

ANYWAY, this afternoon, I finally had some time to myself  to paint my nails. I decided to try out one of my (semi) new Wet n Wild polishes. This was right after I had had to clip my middle nail down, so I was in a impatient/crappy mood. This polish didn't help...........(..foreshadow..)

here are the pictures first

Wet n Wild On a Trip

As you can see, On a Trip is a lightish purple creme. I was worried the color wouldn't transfer right on the picture, but it is pretty close. It's a bit more darker in real life. I was too lazy to clean up so I tried to be extra careful in my application but it was really hard. The formula was horrible! :( It was the bad kind of runny, combined with a giant brush, that doesn't work on my short nails. The formula was similar to the other wet n wild polishes I bought (by being runny) but this was the worse. It also took forever to dry. It is, in fact, already off my nails as I smudged it right after the pics.  
Pretty color but bad formula.

Hope everyone else had a good day!

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