Sunday, March 4, 2012

spring sunday!

I believe it is still officially winter, but it sure feels like spring...We finally had some rain! (Yay plants)
Anyway, I'm switching my mind set to spring feel-good colors. During all the seasons, I try to have a manicure that cheers me up/inspires me/ makes me feel happy! Spring is just more so. Onto the polish!

This is actually another guest appearance from my right hand. I think she will be making more appearances on my blog. ;) I am wearing one coat of OPI Alpine Snow and 2 coats of my franken, Mazarine* Salt (yay a franken with a name) top with a coat of SV. I think this would also look cool over black but the white brightened it up.

 *Vocab word of the day! 
Mazarine : a deep, rich blue*  Im deciding to pronounce it Maz-ar-I'-ne 

Its a little chipped up, but you get the picture.

Mazarine Salt is a sheer blue based pearly polish with scattered blue sparkle particles (the salt).
I recommend clicking on the pictures to ENLARGE them! You can see the sparkles better. One coat would have left the sparkles sitting more individually, to a cool effect.

Also, I will try put up a new poll on the sidebar biweekly. I encourage you to take part!

Happy Sunday!


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