Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello Holos'!!

Happy Weekend! Guess what?!?!! The sun showed today! AND that means.......HOLOs! (and a super pic heavy post ;)
I also tried to create a multi chrome holo...
 sneak peak hehe

For the base I did 2 coats of Milani Orchidia, a pretty purple with some silver/glass flecks. It would have been pretty opaque in 3 coats but I was not so concerned about VNL

with 2 coats of Milani Cyberspace
(letting the pics do the talking)

Aren't those holo colors amazing?1

AHHHHH SO pretty!! I love holographic polishes! And not to mention how amazingly beautiful and glass flecked it looks in the shade. The purple underneath makes it a more blurply color and adds a tiny bit of duo chrome. This isn't quite linear but more tightly scattered. And of course the holo is about 100x better in real life...

 Oh and I don't know why my pointer finder looks so blue, but if you were to wear the color without a colored base coat that is more what it would look like.

What do you think? love or LOVE?
thanks for watching!


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