Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some nail art!

I'm still felling very spring-y and happy so I was motivated to do some nail art! This is also for a contest ;)

All the flowers are blooming and everything looks and smells so nice. This is inspired by this flower here from this picture I found on the internet.

Its rather small clicking to enlarge won't really help... 

Here is my nail art! 

I had some fun posing....

Bet you guys are wondering how I did it!! Well, I started off by sponging a base with white, sheer pink, and a peachy color. Later I realized I could have just used a sheer pink base coat...Then, I sponged triangles with a yellow/gold in the center of my nail. Finally I added some stripes of a dark red/berry! 
Tadd-A! I am very proud ! :D


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