Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cult Nails Polishes!!!! and a Tragic Nail Disaster

Hai hai!!
I just received some nail polishes that I ordered from Cult Nails and I am super excited ;)

they came in these cute burrito bundles :)

my new pretty pretties
Cult Nails Get It On, Wicked Fast, Seduction, Scandalous, Devious Nature

3 coats Devious Nature 

 Devious Nature is a gorgeous bright magenta/pink/berry creme. It is just super awesome. 2 coats work great. I will be wearing this a ton over the summer as a mani and also as a pedi. I love how cheerful and bright it is ;)
Devious Nature and Scandalous
Ok, so awesome right?! And then come the sad part....
***time machine to 4 days ago****
*All is good, my nails are nice and long, perfect for swatching and nail art
THEN...AHG a huge rip appears, really deep (I couldn't just trim all my nails) on my ring nail
I start to panic....I put on 3 million coats of different nail base coats hoping that it will last until the nail grows long enough to cut. That only works for a little bit. Then, I cut the sticky part of a bandaid and shape it to my nail, hoping that will work...It doesn't.
I am skipping a bunch, but finally The Rip gets longer and I break down and rip it off.
So sorry guys, but for the next few weeks my swatches will be on my right hand.

just in case you don't believe me, here are some shots I took of Scandalous on my left hand
I kept them in small size (please DONT enlarge these)

Also, I will totally reswatch this when my nails grow out ;)

**more cringing**

Flower Nail art
Anyway, I love all of my polishes from Cult Nails. In fact, I want to but ALL the polishes from there.(HEHE) 

Happy Sunday! 



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