Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Layered Mermaid

Hi loves! Today we have a mermaid-istic combo.

First up 4 coats of Revlon Royal, no top coat.

Revlon Royal is a navy jelly. It dries to this cool plastic finish while still looking super squishy ;) Formula was a bit thin and I had to be super careful with my strokes. In the shade this look way darker and more like the last picture. 

With 2 coats Spoiled Pet my Peacock   (Peacocks!! YAY)

look at all that beauty in the bottle!!
soooooo many possibilities :)
Spoiled Pet My Peacock a clear based with green, gold, silver, blue, and purple medium sized hexagons.
It had a weird formula where I had to dab the glitters on. I think this would look nice over a light blue...

:D I think that if I experimented a bit more I could get a Deborah Lippman Across the Universe effect.

thanks for reading!


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