Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dots on Dune

Hey gals! Today we have my semi first nude polish, Sally Hansen Dune (this is part of their Smooth and Perfect line).  I also did some nail art but I will save that for last.
Application wise, it could have been better. This is 4 coats, no top coat. Formula was the tiniest bit on the runny side. The brush was a tad wider than normal.  But overall, it worked out. I took the Dune pics in my makeshift light box, the others in the sun. Onto the pics!!

 Can you see the micro shimmer? I wish I had taken some bottle shots in the sun.

 Dune is a neutral nice with the tiniest bit of gold micro shimmer... Definitely not a flat creme.

semi sunlight 

Now to the nail art! Some simple dots with the dotting tool.
Direct sunlight!! 

more Direct Sunlight!!

close up of the design
Another option of nail art with the base of Dune...(my left hand)
I added one coat of my first franken, (unnamed) a sheer sparkly golden based top coat.
Direct Sun

Direct Sun
The franken topcoat really makes the polish make my skin tone a little bit more. And it adds some fun shimmer! (what micro shimmer should really look like ;)

Anyway, that is my manicure for the next few days. 
**side note**
*because of how time plays out, I will be posting once a week, or whenever I change my manicure. I do not swatch colors much, but take pictures as I do the manicure that I wear for a few days.

here is a BONUS pic of part of the reason I don't  have as much free time lately.

my adorable pup, Jojo

oh and finally, I might have to start planning a 1,000 page views giveaway!! Stay Tuned! 


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