Sunday, February 5, 2012

OPI DS Classic

HI guys!!!
I am just going to let you stare at these pictures and be amazed ;)
then I will talk about it 

my favorite thought that came to mind when I was putting it on was
"OMG this is what magic feels like"
needless to say it applied like butter (omnomnom)
and this is two coats!

direct sun

direct sun/outdoors
 I love how in the shade it looks like sand

direct sun out doors

and I even have a video!!!
~i had problems and couldn't figure out how to edit it so the best part is in the first 10 seconds~ 

OPI DS Classic
totally brilliance!

One of the things I definitely notice is that the display in the shade reminds me of the look in OPI's new Holland Collection, of the I don't give a rotterdam, I have a herring problem, and Pedal faster suzi

It makes the polish very interesting
Classic is also one of my only nude colors (which I'm totally into!!)

thanks for watching!!!!


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