Monday, May 14, 2012

Layering with Cult Nails Seduction

Hi lovelies! Hope to cheer everyone up on this Monday with some awesome polish layering...

First off we have 2 coats of one of my nameless frankens, a light violet grey with almost invisible micro shimmer. I love this polish because it isn't just a straight creme. When you look closely (way more visible IRL) it kinda looks like there are a bunch of tiny white, black, and purple dots, kind of like the appearance of a static television....Get what I'm saying? Anyway, this is a nice low key shade.

Coincidentally, I happened to be wearing a matchy light purple shirt.
 Anyway, here is where the magic happens :) I wanted to layer these two so I could keep the amazing light purple jelly-ness in Cult Nails Seduction. I think I succeeded!! Below is 1 coat of Seduction over my franken.

look at that beautiful shade shifting flaky goodness :D

      So beautiful. 
Have you noticed all the color changing-ness thats happening inside the bottle? I think I can see purple, red, pink, dark blue, turquoise, yellow, and orange flakie colors!!! 


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